Midnight Son

A friend of mine mentioned on Facebook the other night that she “really needs to stop watching romantic comedy movies… [because] this stuff never happens in real life”. At this point my natural inclination is to quip that there are better reasons for not watching rom-coms, but I can’t actually do that in good conscience, because I have a few in my collection. Anyway, what she appears to be saying is that romantic comedies are creating unreasonable expectations and, I guess, making her pine for something that is never going to happen.

For me, this completely far-fetched romantic ideal that is prevalent in all of these films is actually a bit of a God-send, because /begin rant: I don’t want to pine for love. I don’t want to wish that I had love. I can’t even complain that love has kicked me in the ass too many times, because it hasn’t; it has simply refused to acknowledge my existence. When love waves at me, I gush at it and wave back before realising that it was actually aimed at the person behind me. When I say something to love, it looks the other way and starts a conversation with someone else. So fuck you, love, two can play this game, and so long as ridiculous Hollywood flicks are throwing ridiculous romantic plots at us, I can pretend that you’re not actually real.

Wait, what is this post about again?

Ah, yes… Midnight Son.

I wasn’t even really keen to hire a movie that night, I was only wandering around in there after returning something else because it was so damn cold outside, and even after it catching my eye, my noting the few obscure awards it had won, and reading the spiel, I still didn’t think it was going to be a good movie. I wanted to go out and get nicely drunk, not sit at home alone with a bad horror flick. But I didn’t actually have anyone to go out and get drunk with, and as I didn’t trust my ability to find such a person, I hired the movie “just in case”.

And then I watched it, and now I’m fucking lonely. Because this isn’t some ridiculously convoluted plot with unbelievable characters doing shit that never happens in real life, it’s two messed up people awkwardly getting past the bullshit and feeling feels for each other, and it’s exquisitely done.

The entire thing is beautifully shot, and its characters unique and immensely more believable than the usual “types”. It’s engaging, suspenseful, and its plot markers nice and subtle (and one thing I can’t stand is having “the point” rammed down my throat, as if I’m too stupid to make my own connections). Zak Kilberg is amazing, seriously, dude can ACT (and to sweeten the deal even further, he’s stupidly hot).

I don’t even know what else to say, this movie is good. And I hate on a lot of movies these days. I couldn’t sleep for hours after it had ended because my empathy/suspense fires were all lit, and I wanted to tell a whole lot of people what I thought of it but there was no one awake at 2am. I’ve been wandering around for three days now unable to shake the feeling that there is something missing in my life, and it’s because of this movie.

You should watch it.

Oh yeah, it’s a vampire movie.


(because 10/10 is, like, Pan’s Labyrinth level good, and something about the cop character at the end didn’t sit right with me)